Purchasing power: 40 cheaper fruits and vegetables in August


Pasta, coffee and essence don’t seem to be the only products whose market value has increased tenfold over the year. The cost of certain parapharmaceuticals has also increased considerably. In addition, the amount displayed on the label of fruits and vegetables may turn out to be a little higher than expected as well. To avoid paying too much for these items, a few reflexes seem to be appropriate.

Thus, the Femme Actuelle media recommends changing its sources of supply. Markets, AMAP (Association for the maintenance of peasant agriculture) and producer shops are theoretically good alternatives to your usual shopping place.

On the other hand, foodstuffs already cut, chopped or in a bag should be avoided. They would cost up to 5 times more than raw products, according to Vice magazine. Another tip is to consume these items frozen or canned. It will be possible both to save money but also to enjoy your favorite dishes for longer.

To save money, you have to adapt your diet to what you can find on the market stalls, depending on the season. According to comment-economiser.fr, the cost of fruits and vegetables will be reduced.

Indeed, there will be less expenses due to the transport of this merchandise. In addition, it will not be grown in a greenhouse. This will theoretically reduce the price. So, discover in our slideshow below the list of seasonal fruits and vegetables that will be cheaper in August.