Speculation as to state of health – Where is Kim?Death by heart attack, coma after SURGERY: North Korea’s dictator proliferate the rumors.Christoph Giesen 13 Kommentare13Am 11. April, the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un was last seen. The head of state had attended a Meeting of the Politburo.Photo: AP/Keystone

April is the most important month in the North Korean calendar. 15. the country is celebrating the most important holiday, the day of the sun, the birthday of state founder Kim Il-sung. The 108-year-old grandfather, Kim would have been this year. But grandson Kim Jong-un was absent from the celebrations in the Mausoleum in Pyongyang. In North Korea, that borders on blasphemy. 25. April then the next day: 88 years Ago, Korea was founded in a niche people’s army, and again, Kim Jong-un was absent. Where, therefore, the power commander?

A television station from Hong Kong reported at all, Kim had died.

As so often, when it comes to the hermetically sealed-off North Korea, is the enormously contradictory: A TV channel from Hong Kong reported on Saturday at all, Kim Jong-un was dead, died of a heart attack. On Twitter, the rapidly spread. In Japanese Newspapers, in turn, was to read that the dictator is lying in a coma. Check both can.

In North Korean media, however, not a single word can be found to the whereabouts of Kim Jong-un. On Saturday, the official news Agency KCNA reported only that the power commander-in-chief received on the occasion of the first anniversary of the joint summit meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin sent a greeting message from the Chairman of the Central Committee of the Communist party of the Russian Federation.

Kim Jong-UN’s train was spotted on the East coast of North Korea, such as from a satellite image, shows. Photo: PD

After all, Kim Jong-UN’s private train has been sighted on the East coast of the country. On North Korea, specialized American news website “38 North” published in the Saturday satellite images that will come from the past week. Attributed to the satellite images, the US experts themselves, the stay of the 250-metre-long train, in the city of Wonsan from saying anything about it, where Kim is staying in itself, and as his health was ordered. The train could, therefore, already prior to the 21. In April, the station received that is reserved for the leadership of the Communist country. 23. April, he was still there.

I hope a good relationship with Kim Jong-un, and I, well.”

Donald Trump, US President,

the speculation about Kim Jong-un had Started at the beginning of last week. After the celebrations of 15. April beige had lives, wrote the South Korean news portal “the Daily NK,” Kim was on 12. April heart surgery. After surgery he is recovering again. Shortly thereafter, the US to put news channel CNN reported, citing American sources, that Kim was after an Operation “in serious danger”. The reflected US President Donald Trump voice. “I think the report was wrong,” Trump said on Thursday. “We have a good relationship with North Korea, I have a good relationship with Kim Jong-un, and I hope it goes good for him,” added Trump. Also, the office of the President in South Korea dismissed the reports. Kim was “alive and well”, said the foreign policy adviser of President of South Korea, Moon Jae-in to this weekend.

for six weeks

Already, 2014 Kim Jong-un for six weeks, no photos, no reports in the state media disappeared. Also at that time, it was wildly speculated that he was suffering from gout, an ankle injury I moved, even a coup was suspected. But Kim came back. So, everything is like six years ago?

it is Noteworthy that this time the Chinese leadership, Pyongyangs closest ally, a Delegation of government officials and physicians to the neighboring country sent to have – and in the middle of the Corona-crisis. Several familiar with the Situation of people, the Reuters news Agency that the Delegation had left under the guidance of a senior member of the International liaison Department of the Communist party of China on Thursday in Beijing reported. The Department is the main body of the people’s Republic, which deals with the neighboring country of North Korea.

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