The arrival of spring season is usually quickly followed with the urge to deep-clean your home. To wash away the winter blues, opening a few windows to let some fresh air in will definitely help. However, to truly get your home ready for the spring and summer months ahead, a true reset of your home is likely needed.

Create a Schedule

First, developing a schedule will allow you to be most productive. Listing what particular tasks you would like to accomplish in order of importance will ensure that they are achieved. It’s a wise idea to begin with labor intensive tasks first, as you will be less likely to continually push these off to the side.

Set Aside Time

Next, you’ll want to set aside time that you will be able to focus your efforts into your spring cleaning duties. It is suggested that you set aside at least a consecutive day or two to dedicate to your spring cleaning. If you are unable to do this, consider doing a little bit each day. Most individuals find it works best for them to work room by room.


This is the most important step in your cleaning process as it is what will allow you to complete the task of deep cleaning. Decluttering your home of items that you don’t use or that you no longer want should be donated or discarded.


Freeing your home of unwanted or unneeded items will provide you with more room and less items you are wasting your time to clean.

Deep Cleaning

Besides your usual cleaning routine, the act of spring cleaning involves cleaning places that you typically miss. For example, deep-cleaning your window treatments, ceiling fans, and carpets may not be something you do regularly. These are the types of tasks you will want to make sure you are completing throughout your spring-cleaning journey.

Don’t Forget about Outside

When you have completed your indoor cleaning duties, you’ll want to move outside next. However, if the perfect sunny day comes about, don’t shy away from taking advantage of the opportunity to complete your outdoor needs that day. Focusing on washing the exterior of your home, setting up your patio furniture, and revamping your landscaping are all excellent ideas.


The goal of deep cleaning is to refresh your home for the upcoming warmer seasons. Being well prepared for these tasks are key and motivation helps, as well. If you are currently on the hunt for a new home, Boston houses for sale may offer you just what you have been seeking.