crafts President Hans Peter Woll zeal penetrates to a return to the master’s duty, in many Professions, and warns of the distortions in the market. “We can’t let any wild guess work,” said wool zeal of the German press Agency in Berlin. A re-introduction of the master’s duty, in so far, admission-free trades will lead to more competition, justice and fair market conditions.

In 2004, had disappeared in more than 50 Professions, the master’s duty. “Since deregulation, you need as shutters and blinds, builders, signage and light advertising manufacturers, Gold – and silversmith, organ Builder and musical instruments manufacturer said a master letter and no proof of Qualification to be in these trades independently on the market,” wool zeal. “Theoretically, anyone can just take an order and make. For these activities, but you should be qualified.“ Meanwhile, Some were on their way, which titled themselves as artisans, but not all were trained. “And the deliver, of course, not always the quality it should be. The damage to the reputation of the craft as a whole.“

In the subject move somewhat, however, said the President of the Central Association of German crafts. He pointed out that the coalition have formed a working group. A legal opinion on behalf of the craft meant that a return of the craftsmen of the master’s duty, subject to compliance with certain criteria of constitutional and European law.

“This has to do with fair competition, nothing more,”

Since the deregulation came in the craft tens of Thousands of Solo self-employed. It’ll come, but to distortions in the market and distortions of competition. “A lot of Solo-self-employed indicate that they have less than 17,500 euros turnover, so you need to set the customer no VAT in the invoice. The can offer their services much cheaper than reputable craft businesses that charge VAT,“ said wool zeal. These farms are also rare, staff building and training.