Following the terrorist attack in Strasbourg will change according to the authorities, the safety requirements on Hesse’s largest Christmas market in Frankfurt, nothing. “Our security measures are very high and remain on the Level,” said a police spokeswoman, without call Details.

The market is protected with a concrete barrier. Vehicles that were used in the past year, as mobile blockades to rescue, due to have been replaced in the city, according to this year, largely due to a specially controlled access ramps. Also, there is camera Surveillance.

with Around three million visitors

expected In the case of the deadly terrorist attack in Strasbourg, three people and more than a dozen injured are killed. A man had opened on Tuesday evening in the middle of the Christmas season in the city centre of Strasbourg the fire.

The Frankfurt Christmas market are expected three million visitors. More security is not possible, had been told of the event, the head of the market, Kurt Stroscher, at the end of November at the opening. As a increase you can make the Christmas market, only to cancel or in a barrack take place.