The American Senator Lindsey Graham after a meeting with President Donald Trump the possibility of a delay of the planned withdrawal of the ISAF troops from Syria indicated. The plans would slow down to “clever way,” said Graham on Sunday after a dinner with Trump in the White house.

Trump have explained to him some of the things to Syria, he did not know before, said Graham. He was feeling much better now, in terms of the direction in which it is in Syria to go, he said. He will assume that Trump is determined to defeat the IS in front of the troop withdrawal is “full”.

In Syria, a power vacuum

Graham had threatened Trump before the Meeting asked to reconsider the troop withdrawal. In the TV channel CNN, Graham said, IS not yet defeated. It must be made sure that the jihadists militia “never come” back. He wanted to ask Trump to discuss it with his generals.

The President had on may 19. December, the immediate start of the withdrawal of the 2000 American soldiers from Syria. In media reports included talk of a window of a few months. Minister of defense James Mattis retires, among other things, due to the different view of the allies sharply criticized the decision of the year from his office.