Red stamp: how does La Poste intend to replace it in 2023?


The famous red stamp generally associated with registered mail, and charged until then at 1.43 euros, will disappear very soon! Indeed, La Poste was forced to consider very concretely several measures affecting the methods of sending mail, and their price, as reported by our colleagues from Capital. The cause of such a reshuffle? The difficulties that La Poste encounters because the quantity of paper sent by post has been in free fall for some time.

Indeed, since 2008 the quantity of physical mail sent has been divided by 14, as the boss of the Service-Mail-Parcels branch of La Poste, Philippe Dorge, pointed out last July. This is why we are witnessing not only a change in terms, but also an increase in the price of shipments.

Indeed, the green stamp, marker of a long distribution originally two days, will not change the price. However, next year these letters will take a whole day longer to reach their destination. They will also be available for purchase online, at the same price of 1.16 euros as in a subsidiary of the Post Office. Red stamps are a real endangered species.

Indeed, classic priority mail will be replaced by “red e-letters”, which will, like their predecessor, allow mail to be sent to its destination within 24 hours. However, they will be completely dematerialized on the sender’s side: you will have to go to the Post Office website and fill in the message to be sent in the dedicated space, before 8 p.m.! The price of such a shipment will therefore increase from 1.43 euros to 1.49 euros.