if you Go away, even if it is only for a short while, don’t you have with windows. Also kantelramen, because they can give you a false sense of security, so as to alert the police department of the city of Lokeren. A video proving that it is for the thieves, but it is a piece of cake to access.

This summer, he warned that the Brussels police are there for. It was a lot of people to be warm, to sleep, to be able to get it. So, they left the windows open. The result was that there was a significant increase in the number of residential burglary. The perpetrators were often… from the kantelraam in. Without that, there are visible signs of damage.

Now, it shows the police department of the city of Lokeren, in a video just how easy it is to break through the road. No braaksporen time.

“in A string, and a piece of pipe, or even a roll of kitchen paper. A lot more is that you don’t need to be a kantelraam to open it up. Especially the older models from the windows. They usually have a slightly larger handle, making it easy for the thieves.” Though it may sound in the doors, and ramenspecialist Belisol, however, the state of the art windows are more secure.

“A turn, and kantelraam in the tilted position, to put it gives a false sense of security. The majority of the windows are in the tilted position, after all, is only one point of support and to be open,” said a inbraakspecialist of the Brussels police department.

(read on below video).

“The bottom line is to get a tube or even a paper towel around the handle, or the handle of the window to release it. As a string through the tube and over to the window and hung out. On the other side of the window, the cord is to pull up, as seen in the video, it is possible to handle, which, when opened in the vertical position, pull it down. The handle is horizontal, the window was open and a burglar will easily go inside,” says the commissioner, He is The Clerk of the police department of the city of Lokeren.

to Break up for dummies

the course will break for the dummies are known as some of the residents of the city of Lokeren, in the film of the police department. “Well, it’s certainly not our intention. We want to make the people, especially to warn and raise awareness. We can do it a hundred times, say, but because of the show, they might be more aware that it’s really not that difficult to get a window to open up,” says the commissioner, to The Clerk.

Any money from the insurance coverage:

you can Also decline quite a few insurance companies have the disadvantage of a break-in to compensate for when it is clearly established that the offenders, through a kantelraam have been received.

for example, If a kantelraam was open to the tilted position during the break-in is that, for many insurers, it is a proof that it is not a good family man, has been acted upon. Other insurers will have to be flexible; for them, it is a hard-to-reach windows, for example, on the first floor in the tilted position, is not a problem. If they decide that, as a result kantelraam heavy-duty burglary exhibiting, in any case however, the intent of the burglar is to get in, or the window is now on turn or not, sounds like it is from the office of the Ombudsman for the Insurance companies.

you may Also use these tricks to use during

* * * * The doorbell rang by.

There is almost nothing as annoying as a constantly ringing bell. Burglars know this, and therefore, the paste of them the next with a strip of adhesive tape so that a continuous ring. If, after a few hours, or a day on the pad, not the call has been taken off, they seize their chance. The police department advises that the tape is not on the call to pick it up, but the fuse to turn it off. On the tape, may cause the fingerprints to sit.

*there Are inside, talking.

During the brightest smoezen to the house to get inside. They ask, for example, to get a glass of water or ask them if they are in your mobile phone, or a toilet, just be able to use it. Also, criminals are often as anyone else. They act as if they’re the new neighbours, the police or a technician. So please do not be gullible and ask for their legitimatiekaart.

*put A note in the door.

take A break to prepare to do, burglars are often due to the small pieces of paper between the door or window frame and to the cross. Or, a switch at the door. That is, after a day, it’s still, you know they have enough of them, and store them in their work. If you have a small note on the encounter, allow it to sit down and turn on the police. It is a proof that they can need to have to have an intruder to deal with.

a Burglar is looking for path of least resistance

During a search, according to the commissioner, The Clerk of the path of least resistance. They notice that your property is well protected, and they are too much work to do in order to get inside, will they be in a different house in order for their work to save it. Please, therefore, take into account the following preventietips.

*Make sure your alarm systems, or outdoor lighting with a sensor. There are in the market of simple phones to thieves, such as a deurcontactalarm. You have to place a small device on the door, and one on the door jamb. When the device is switched on (on battery power), and the door opened, a loud alarm will go off. The same thing is to get to the bottom of the door to the place. A simple and low-cost but efficient to use.

will be *Empty, will never the keys under the mat, flower pot, or using a strap in the mail. Use rather in a key safe.

*also keys, from the inside to the outside doors, which they will pass to the outside can be seen through the glass of the front door). A window into the thief, the lock is open.

*do not Write your address on the key tag of the key(the forest). If you loose your keys, know that a thief is and where he needs to be.

* * * No ladder to leave to leave.

*do not Leave tools lying around the house.

*Hang up no message on the door that you will take away (even to an answering machine on your phone).

*Provide your house, not to leave the impression (late in the evening, a candle burning, if you will).

*to Create the mailbox is empty, or leave them to someone after each use. She’s too full, is that the thief is a character that’s been there for a while, no one has been before.

as To the large hedges around the property to ensure that burglars are behind in their work able to save.

*take it to the back of the house closed, when the doorbell rings , and this can be a technique for thieves to get you to the front working, to keep it behind your back and stealing it is.

More information about a residential burglary LIST. Peak season for burglars, where they are looking for, and if they are, you cannot enter a property, the Spanish police, klist, a burglar who is a Flemish businessman, a heavy toetakelde at his villa, two Thieves, and 165 burglaries committed to get up to 7 years in prison is high Season for burglars: these are some of their tricks, and in the hours and days you need to be extra careful