The deadline for the nomination for president of the SP.A is the elapsed time. John Crombez, the current chairman, has not been applied. The other three candidates, and the Flemish deputy Conner, Rousseau, and the less-well-known And The combination of Christ and Of of the Pole, have the three companies been able to convince and compete with each other for the leadership of the SP.A.

The first had to be Friday at 12 am. There are three valid nominations be submitted from a Flemish deputy Conner, Rousseau, and the second is of Hannah, The Dog, and the third, of Christ, l Van der Paal, each with a running mate.

you can use The SP.A-members of the stembrieven, at the latest, on the 16th of October, at the bus stop. For Friday morning, november 8, will need their votes to be registered at the headquarters of the SP.A. At that time, the president disclosed, on the condition that one of the candidates has more than 50 per cent of the vote, and get. If this is not the case, there will be a second round of voting, with the two best-placed candidates.

More about John Crombez Crombez (SP.(A) it is gossip fed up: “It’s easy to say what not to do,” Conner From the unidentified man in his twenties who is a SP.To get to the young. At eleven, he had been prime minister Until a few months ago, no one would have believed it, but this man in his twenties should be a SP.From the slop to pull Conner From (26) set himself up as a candidate as chairman of the SP.A