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resim 15

An imminent arrival in Tomorrow belongs to us. While the soap opera continues to attract an average of 2 to 3 million followers on TF1, Ingrid Chauvin, Alexandre Brasseur, Emmanuel Moire and your favorite actors are preparing to welcome a new protagonist to the series. This is actress Charlie Nune.

“Charlie Nune joins the cast of the Saga by embodying the character of Soizic”, indicated the TF1 channel on January 31, in a press release. Who is behind this heroine and gynecologist who joins the gynecology department of Sète hospital? “Ex-wife of François Lehaut (Emmanuel Moire) and mother of their son, Adam, they both had good years, but ended up separating”, specifies the synopsis of the plot. “Why return to Sète? To try to win him back? It was without forgetting that Charlie (Clémence Lassalas), François’ new girlfriend, would be in his way…”.

His arrival in the city of Sète will not go unnoticed by the leading characters of the soap opera. “Soizic will meet her new colleagues and share the daily life of Victoire Lazzari (Solène Hébert) and William Daunier (Kamel Belghazi). But with her strong character, she risks being noticed right away in her workplace. “, we learn in the summary. “It was then that Roxane (Raphaele Volkoff) called Bart (Hector Langevin) in a panic, because she was about to give birth…”.

A new character to take on for actress Charlie Nune, raised by two doctor parents. “Having grown up in the medical community, I felt very comfortable in this role. I have no taboos with the human body and I had no apprehension about playing a gynecologist,” she revealed. in an interview for TF1.

A model and leading face of French fiction, Charlie Nune has made various appearances in famous series such as Louis la brocante, Research section, without forgetting Plus belle la vie where she played Eva Tressere on France 3. When she arrived on the set of Tomorrow belongs to us, the actress in her forties has reunited with former playing partners. played in Camping Paradis. As for Dounia Coesens, met on Plus belle la vie, she became a friend”, she confessed to our colleagues.

Before discovering the adventures of her character Soizic Vernet, on February 24 on TF1, actress Charlie Nune shares a few rare photos of her activities and her private sphere on social networks. Anthology in pictures in our slideshow.