In the province of Hainaut, has launched an investigation into a gang rape by several children. The victim, a young girl of 13 years old. The facts took place on the football field of a local club, and it would be filmed.

The activities found at the end of september, a football field, in Hensies, town in the province of Hainaut, belgium. In a total of at least six minors, from the 11 to the 14-year-old, was involved in the events. The two of them would have been an active participant to the rape, and the other boys watched and filmed with their mobile phones. The victim, a young girl of 13 years old.


On the 27th of september, beat the grandmother of the girl in alarm. She could not leave the house, but he did it anyway. The woman is made to feel worried about her granddaughter and got in touch with the police. Some of the policemen took the girl back to the edge of the football pitch by the local club. She was found by some boys from her, and was forcibly detained, beaten and gang-raped.

One of the young people who, along with his brother, and was present at a crime, made a statement about it. “They have called several times to her mother,” he says. As to why the teenager was not in operation and the assistance provided to the victims? He felt at his own words, ” a victim is the prime suspect, and had to helplessly look on. “One day, he gave me a pretty good period, I thought that I was going to die.”

the Film

One of the brothers would be asked to be the rape and to shoot a video, post a few of the offenders that he is in the video, however, it would be clear. He did, however, in the smartphone’s memory were the images are still retrievable. The teenagers who boarded the bus, ultimately, the story of their mother. She responded, appalled, but it took the police to date. “My son was to go to the field to play soccer. I am deeply ashamed that they’re involved,” she says. “You’re the police, explain what has happened, and there are no legal issues.”

According to Sudinfo, all said minors are now under the protection and guidance of Justice (Service de la protection de la jeuness, SPJ). For them it is strictly prohibited to have contact with the other teens who were involved in the case. The perpetrator, who is the most person shall be deemed to be and is now in a detention centre (IPPJ) is used.