Lauberhorn-Zoff – “A Million is not a handle”In the spat to the race on the Lauberhorn Swiss Ski President Urs Lehmann against “exceeded receivables fights”, and described the occasion as “defective markets”.Moritz Marthaler1 Kommentar1Wenn support, then more likely in the range of 100 000 francs: Urs Lehmann, President of Swiss Ski, located at a media conference, the financial possibilities of the ski Federation for the support of the loss of the Lauberhorn race.Image: Ennio Leanza (Keystone)

The trouble around the Lauberhorn race has upset the Swiss Ski scene via the ramp on the day. After the heavily criticised decision to take the race front from the calendar, Swiss-Ski-in-chief, Urs Lehmann has taken a position on the escalation. “The main problem is not with Swiss-Ski. In the last five years, three of the five sweeps in deficit,” says Lehmann. He presented a proposal for a solution in three steps: “We see in a first step, the marketing of the Lauberhorn race to be optimized. The second step is the support from the public sector is.”

Lehmann insists on a deficit-guarantee

Once the marketing is improved and the deficit is under warranty, was a Swiss-Ski ready, in exceptional situations to help out. In the case of a disqualification case, the Association would be to grab the organizers under the arms. But Lehmann locates the financial possibilities of the Association: 100 000 Swiss francs, you would be able to manage, “but not a Million, as the court requires of us.”

Next Thursday, the next step could be decided on a common, large meeting. Participants: Lehmann, OK-chief, Urs Näpflin, sports Minister Viola Amherd, as well as representatives of the Canton of Bern and Baspo-head Matias Remund. The race on the Lauberhorn is not blown off for 2021 definitely. But they remain in the Swiss world of sport is definitely the affaire à suivre.

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