All those who received an email on Tuesday inviting them to cash in a few tens of dollars as part of a class action against Desjardins need not be wary of it. The distribution of the $200.9 million provided for in the agreement concluded last year has officially begun. Other customers will receive their due by Interac transfer this Wednesday or Thursday.

“Loss of time claims” can reach a maximum of $90. The email is from “”.

A 200.9 million agreement between Desjardins and the law firms Siskinds Desmeules and Kugler Kandestin had been ratified by the Superior Court in June 2022. It followed class action requests filed after the theft of personal data which has making headlines in 2019.

To deposit the funds in the account of your choice, it is imperative to answer the security question chosen at the time of making the claim. “If you enter the wrong answer four times, your payment will be blocked,” says RicePoint, the company responsible for distributing the monies provided for in the agreement. It was also RicePoint that forwarded the $20 a few days ago in the optical disc drive class action.

Note that passwords must be entered “without accents and without spaces,” said Desjardins spokesperson Jean-Benoit Turcotti.

“People who have reached their attempt limit and have their transaction returned to RicePoint will receive a new one over the next few weeks,” he adds. It is possible to contact the company by phone, and to speak to someone in French, but the call volume is currently high, so it does not always work. We can expect things to settle down in the next few days. »

Please note, RicePoint does not send any text messages.

As for check payments, they will be issued “by July 19” to people who have not signed up for Autodeposit.

Despite these payments being made these days, it’s not too late to file a claim if you’ve been a victim of identity theft as a result of the mega data leak. Data subjects can do so until October 20 to receive payment by January 18, 2024. Further payment periods are planned for 2025 and 2026. It is important to distinguish between fraud and theft of identity, stresses Desjardins.