the Two Japanese tourists in Rome, and I feel rotten when they get the bill from their meal were given: it had to be over 430 euro for two plates of spaghetti, some seafood and a glass of water. In their complaint, was the news of the world, but they are now, you might find yourself being sued.

The Japanese people have shared their account on trip advisor to other visitors, to warn them. Thus, about 80 out of the account consisted of a tip, but the restaurant charged the automatic 20 percent.

the Charge

Several users have had the same experience at a restaurant in Rome, italy. Now there is the threat of this restaurant, The Antico Caffè di Marte, which is the complaining of the tourists and for the court to drag and drop, report the international media.

The owner says the restaurant is now, on most days it is empty. He wants to be the complaining of the tourists from all liability for any damage sustained.

Fresh fish

The problem is that the fish at the restaurant, for €6.50 on the menu. It is, however, 100 grams, then pounds of the fish at the table.

“Our seafood is fresh, and the customer can decide this case”, says owner, James Island, at one of the Italian newspapers. He denies that he insists that his restaurant is a tourist trap, it is. Every of the dozens of poor reviews on trip advisor that were against it.

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