After the car bomb attack in the Northern Irish city of Londonderry, has been arrested four Suspects. Two men had been taken on Sunday morning, the other two in the evening, informed the police in the British province. Investigators suspect a splinter group of the Irish Republican underground organization, the IRA is for the fact responsible. The Explosion occurred on Saturday evening in front of a court building in the centre of the second largest city in Northern Ireland. No one was hurt.

the focus of the investigation, the so-called New IRA, Northern Ireland’s Deputy police chief Mark Hamilton said. “Like most of the Republican dissident groups in Northern Ireland, the New IRA is small, largely highly unrepresentative and geared people to go back to the place where you want to be,” said
Hamilton. “This attack was incredibly dangerous,” Hamilton said. Fortunately, no one had been injured.

According to a communication from the police officials before the Explosion had received on Saturday evening a warning that a bomb had been placed in front of the courthouse in Bishop Street. The vehicle was believed to have been briefly stolen earlier in the vicinity, – stated in the message. The crime scene was cordoned off on Sunday remains, explosives experts examined the car wreck.

“Intolerable violence”

politicians from all parties condemned the incident. Ireland’s foreign Minister Simon Coveney said a “terrorist car bombing”. He condemned the incident “in the strongest possible terms,” said Coveney, who is also Deputy Prime Minister. There is no justification for “such acts of terror with which Northern Ireland is to be returned to violence and conflict dragged down”.

the former Northern Irish Prime Minister, Arlene Foster condemned the “senseless terrorist act”. The British Northern Ireland Secretary of state Karen Bradley spoke of the “unbearable violence”. The attempt of the perpetrators to disrupt the “progress in Northern Ireland”, will remain unsuccessful.