Three days ago, the FC Bayern has caused a stir and a lack of understanding. The memorable press conference of the men’s Uli Hoeness, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge and Hasan Salihamidzic are echoing still.

Paul Breitner, who played for years for the Munich, before he acted as a consultant, Scout and brand Ambassador until the end of March 2017, was whether the presence of the bosses in horror as so many people in this country.

“I could not imagine in the 48 years that I live with Bayern, that this Association gives this weakness and this weakness shows,” said Breitner in the show “Blickpunkt Sport” of the Bavarian broadcasting company. With this performance, Breitner, would have made the responsible, the work is broken, “which has made the club in the last few years, from the arrogance Image to come out”.

Particularly disappointed Breitner of Uli Hoeness, the President and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the record master. Him, Breitner, lack of it, especially on the respect. In the case of a verbal attack against Hoeness Breitner took its name several times in the mouth. “Karl-Heinz Rummenigge comes in, cited the basic law, and ten minutes later, the next to him (Uli Hoeness, d. Red.) this basic law with the feet – and have been for half a year.“

The 67-year-old Breitner played on the sharp criticism of Hoeness the former Bayern professional Juan Bernat. This stood in contrast to the claim of the club heads according to respect in the assessment of the professionals of the record master. Board boss Rummenigge was quoted in this connection, article 1 of the basic law “The Dignity of man is inviolable”).

the broadcast on Sunday evening, Breitner called for, you must exemplify respect, respect for people, courtesy, and Fairness, then you would get the back. In the case of a AG, which 600 million euros in sales, Breitner, should expect also that the leading people, “clean, fair, respectable, and their rank and their Position in the Public consultation”. To the address of Uli Hoeness added Breitner: “In the case of Uli Hoeness, it always goes to the FC Bayern family. Now that the children of the family would have to say: For the dad, we must be ashamed of us now is enormous.“