Herselt –

In Herselt, have unknown offenders Saturday night, shortly before midnight, a plofkraak carried out on a bank of Argenta. This is attested to Herselts mayor Peter Keymeulen. The building was seriously damaged, according to Argenta, there was no loot taken.

The plofkraak, it would have happened at 23.40 hours, in the night from Saturday to Sunday. The target was to have a bankkkantoor of Argenta, on the Aarschotsesteenweg (N19) – in the village of Herselt. The building was severely damaged, but according to the mayor, Keymeulen, there would be no stability issues. There were no injuries.

“this building has been approved by the fire department, and the office may be able to be in the next few days, open again”, says Argenta Sunday morning knowing in a short press release. The banking and insurance group, also know that the perpetrators will not spoil the rest.

A witness saw the alleged culprits to get away. “The bank is situated on the ground floor of an apartment building, a resident saw that after the fact, three of the suspects to get away,” says Keymeulen.

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