Ribbon < / P> There is still no sign of the plumber, Johan Van Der (56), from the Ribbon, to which the Belgian and Dutch police are now looking for. Officially, all the slopes are open. However, when searching from a garage on a Saturday and were lijkenhonden used, and the whole of the area was investigated by luminol – and a product that is specifically looking for traces of blood.

for the past four months, as a plumber, Johan Van Der Heyden is missing. He left on Sunday evening, June 2, at around 20: 30 hours, at home, in the Ribbon, where he lives with his wife and their two children. Van Der Heyden has been a self employed plumber, and he took off in a white van.

The station wagon was shot on the way to the Netherlands Photo: a Federal Police force,

the images from the cameras along the highway, which the police later examined, it was seen how the Van Der at the Netherlands. The footage was later included in a opsporingsbericht, which is on the 18th of June, was distributed.

at the beginning, and the disappearance is not really a worrying situation to be considered. Van Der Heyden was working more often in the Netherlands. His truck would be in different places in the Netherlands, including ‘ s-hertogenbosch and Eindhoven, the netherlands.

a Mother and her daughter.

Two weeks ago, the Dutch police do an investigation into the case, Fleming. Among other things a mobile phone would have been for a long period of time the signal is given to have. In the Dutch study leading to a 39-year-old Dutch woman and her 18-year-old daughter from the van Steenbergen is a city in the North of the netherlands.

In the complex are 12 chalets (Photo: Google Street view

The two lived together in a cabin in a holiday park, which is about 12 holiday homes, of standing.

When the police in the Netherlands on Saturday morning with a search warrant at the chalet, he was with the mother and her daughter do not. The police could have them later in the morning to locate it in a different house, in van Steenbergen, where they stayed for the night. The two women have been arrested and their freedom is deprived, in accordance with the research.

“We are thinking that she may have something to do with the disappearance,” said police in the Netherlands.

Also a garage to be searched.

Not only the residence of the two women was scanned. Also has a garage to the domain in which the two women have had access, it was emptied and searched. Among other things, a boat was taken out of the garage to be removed. “A tactical zoeking”, as it was in the Netherlands politiewoordvoerder, the, with, among others, the aim is to have computers and other evidence.

There were even sniffer dogs at the garage (Photo: Omroep Brabant

Later in the day there were even sniffer dogs at the garage, who have been trained to search for bodies. Then, it was in the garage with the black were tarpaulins; obscured, so that the forensic investigators could get on with luminol. The product reacts to traces of blood, and the light at this contact, at the bottom of a fluorescent lamp.

the body was, yesterday, could not be found. The family of Johan Van Der Heyden, it is sad and it is a lot to ask, but chose to be yesterday, do not respond to it.

Forensic investigators were carefully looking for traces of Photo): Omroep Brabant’s More about the Justice for People to search for traces of blood in the garage, Seriedoder-Du-Lion (55) was the subject of the light bulb due to ‘false friends’ Seriedoder was ‘false friends’: why Stephaan De Lion (55) is really up against the lamp, walked for four of the victims were strangled, and then mutilated