at Electrabel, president at Johnny He shall be the next federal government in the case of breaking, for three out of the seven nuclear power plants, in preference to twenty years to run. That’s what he said in an interview with The Standard, and that Saturday it was published. In a short period of time, it weighs on the budget: “There will be significant investments will be needed for the life-extension”, it could be that.

“The kernuitstap is regulated by law. This decision must be respected,” says He. But at the same time, he is going to file a pro renewal for the next government to step in, with the message that it’s man-made co2 emissions, the electricity supply business as the energy bill of the consumer, which is a good thing to have three of the seven reactors in a longer run. The new president of the Ecs, that would have already been handed over to the informateurs, Johan Vande Lanotte and mr Didier Reynders.

finally, He stated that he was not in a rush, it is gone. It is, according to him, six months of research has gone into this operation. The guiding principle is, according to him, that is, the consumption of electricity in the coming decades, and is only going to increase as a result of the reduction of the CO2 emissions in the process. He also understands why the nuclear power plants in our country by 2025 will be close, so, while it is clear that they have to invest in a new-fired gas plants to make the stroombevoorrading to help you. “But no matter how much you need and how much time it will take to build that? After all these studies, there is still no clear answer.”