Some of the law were breakers 2018 in tip-top shape. In Hesse, for so many has to wear clean case when you try to bring other people to your property. A selection of strange misadventures in burglaries, thefts and drug offences:

10: A burglar in the double sense of the word, the Kassel police arrested in August in a gas station. Previously, the culprit is chasing a member of staff a shock, as he falls down with a leg suddenly, through the ceiling. The staff tries the leg of the intruder, but too late. For that, it succeeds later, the burglar in a room next to the washer system to lock up. The offender sits in the case.

9: A burglar wants to distribute in September in Kassel döner bude his stomach growl. After he broke a window, prepares the drunken offender to a meal. The Handling of the Hungry does not go unnoticed. A witness alerted the police and the burglar, 17 years old, must forgo other consumption.

seat 8: A intoxicated Parcel to the police in September in Darmstadt, Germany – in the Bureau. As the 21-year-old man makes the officials a delivery, you are immediately clear: The man has taken drugs. The police officers pull the Messenger out of the traffic, and initiate investigations.

seat 7: Craftsmanship is not very sent a Trio of his thief tour in June. As the men make to create a Hanauer construction site on copper cables to steal them for later sale, it happens: The perpetrators to pull such violent electric shocks that it must be seriously injured brought to the hospital.

seat 6: A Shoe thief is taken in may with the help of a bright swarm of children. The thief enters first, barefoot in a shop in Darmstadt, Germany. A little later he leaves it with not paid shoes on the feet. A witness sees the brazen action, and follows him on the road. There, he is attacked by the Others and threatened. When the witness stops then, takes a group of Ten to twelve – the pursuit year. The Junior detectives will remain the thief on the heels and do a police patrol with a Hand on the offender’s attention.

seat 5: A burglar will fail in February in Frankfurt, the film escape of maturity on a case-pipe – with painful consequences: The man crashes from the second floor, has bone fractures. In the case of the break-in at an office building, the 27-year-old man triggered the alarm system. In a panic, he rises from the window to climb to the pipe, the facade down. The load does not withstand but and tear from the anchor. The drunk offender falls into the depth.