Christmas scams: 6 scams to watch out for in December


Sunday, November 27 marked the first Sunday of Advent, so the holiday season has officially begun! The windows of department stores have already had a makeover and light decorations have been lighting up many cities across France for a few days now, despite the incentive for energy sobriety…

But the run-up to Christmas is also synonymous with one of the biggest challenges of the holiday: finding and getting gifts for loved ones! For some, it is a certain stress and the anxiety of not finding the gift that will please completes more than one. For others, it’s the perfect excuse to stroll along the windows and take in the crowds every weekend in December. But beware ! The Christmas shopping period is also a popular time for scammers: what better than the general excitement to fool people!

Gift cards are the perfect solution when you’re not sure what someone might like. More personal than a simple ticket, they nevertheless leave a certain freedom to those who are offered them. However, the growing popularity of these cards is a gold mine for scammers.

Indeed, they are now very widely available, as few stores do not offer them these days. In addition, they are much less protected than traditional payment cards, despite the fact that you can put large sums on them… Finally, they are very easy to use! The scammer does not need a bank card, he just has to enter the pin code of the gift card.

Find below the 6 scams you should beware of as Christmas approaches…