The 16-year-old striker Mo Guindo his first professional contract was signed with RSC Anderlecht. It made the purple-and-white Friday, to be known. The Belgian jeugdinternational has been since it was last connected to the Neighbourhoods. More recently, he topschutter in the Anderlecht won the U17 tournament for Inter Milan.

“Mo, it is a real diamond in the rough. We are working hard to get along in order for it to develop. Of course, there is still a lot to Polish, but he scores easily and that is a quality that is rare,” said Jean Kindermans, director of youth development.

“We are thrilled to have a player with the qualities of a true striker in our youth, to the pressure of the foreign clubs to be able to resist. He chooses to RSC Anderlecht, and it’s a youth project that we have put in place”, says sports director Michael Verschueren.

The lack of a 16-year-old Guindo, this season has already passed, the U17 and the U19, to the promises made. He will be playing for a few years in football, he was primarily active as pleintjesvoetballer’. Guindo scores in August, a couple of times at the promises of the OHL, and also played for the Belgium U16.

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