in a forest near Aschaffenburg, Germany, found the human skeleton is the Remains of a since in 2017 the missing Syrian girl. The result was the legal-medical examination of the bone without a doubt, informed the police and the public Prosecutor in Aschaffenburg, Germany on Wednesday. The 16-year-old child refugee was reported at the beginning of may in 2017 as missing. The police of a violent crime and keeps the 44-year-old father of the girl is an urgent a suspect.

According to him, is already wanted by the police since the beginning of June, 2017, in the other case – with an international arrest warrant for attempted manslaughter. The reason for this: a Few weeks after the Disappearance of his daughter, he is met with the 23-year-old friend at the Aschaffenburger Floßhafen, the young man with a sharp weapon and attacked him on the neck hard to have violated. The father of the girl has since been on the run. According to him, is now wanted for an attempted and a completed Homicide.

Walker had discovered the skeleton in front of one and a half weeks in a forest off the trail in the vicinity of the find mountain in Haibach (district of Aschaffenburg) and the police immediately alerted. Last Monday, more than 100 forces of the Federal police in Würzburg had searched the grounds around the site with stöber sticks. Details of the action and for further post-mortem results could not be made out of determination tactical reasons, it said.