PICTURES. Camille Cerf as a couple: discover her darling Théo Fleury


The sublime Miss France 2015, Camille Cerf, is no longer a heart to take. Indeed, since her separation from Cyrille in December 2020, the star had been discreet on her social networks regarding her love life. It was not until May 17, 2021 that the young woman had confirmed her separation by answering questions in the Instagram story.

“Yes, life is full of surprises,” she said. It is finally via this question-and-answer session that the star returned to her meeting with her new darling, a model named Théo Fleury. “I was coming out of a relationship that had been very difficult. I wanted to take time to find myself. Then while going through my DMs, as I often do to read you and sometimes reply to you, I came across a message from him that made me laugh”, she had written and to add : “We started to discuss, I went to see him and we did not leave each other anymore”.

If the Miss continues to remain discreet on her social networks, she does not hesitate to appear on her arm with her darling. Couple shots that delight their fans on the web.

The opportunity for Planet to reveal the face of his darling in our slideshow above.