Before being a key face of the PAF, Faustine Bollaert lived several defining moments in her life. For the time of an interview at the microphone of RTL, the host slipped a few secrets in We redid the TV this November 12. So in promotion of his book published by Harper Collins Editions, the host of It starts today reveals to have been a fan of a famous French-speaking singer.

“So yes, I was a fan of Roch Voisine”, begins Faustine Bollaert facing Eric Dussart and Jade before specifying. “It was not me, but it was my mother that I had taken to see Roch Voisine”. A family moment that almost turned into a tragedy for the companion of Maxime Chattam.

“My mother has always had very, very long and magnificent nails, and we were holding the lighter at the time of “Hélène” (the singer’s cult hit). And, then bam, the lighter made two flames, and it was the my mother’s fingernail which had caught fire. We had a little scare because it was not a small flame, know that”, she reassured our colleagues. Despite this misadventure, the two women have kept a memorable memory of the Roch Voisine concert.

After more than 20 years of career, Faustine Bollaert has met many personalities over the course of her broadcasts. However, in her early days, the journalist could have made herself known in a cult program of the 2000s. Here is what program it is…

Her real name Faustine Farraggi (Bollaert being her mother’s name), the young woman studied journalism at ISCPA in Paris. In the 1990s, she made an appearance as a simple extra in the cult series First Kisses on the AB channel. As she began her journalistic career at Télé 7 Jours, she was asked to infiltrate the cast for the second season of Loft Story. An unusual experience that the host is not about to forget. “I was asked completely absurd things […], like to fake an orgasm”, admits the one who ended up in the last 50 applicants – before being unmasked – in the show C à vous in May 2019.

After three years of good and loyal service for the weekly, Faustine Bollaert continued her career at Closer in 2005. In the meantime, she started as a columnist in Ça va faire mal with Karine Le Marchand, Côté Vacances on France 3 with Alexandre Devoise and even rubs shoulders with Michel Drucker in Vivement Sunday next on France 2. She has also appeared on the radio waves of Europe 1 and more recently, France Bleu.

But reality TV is never far away for Faustine Bollaert. In 2010, her career will take a new impetus when she is at the controls of Dilemme on W9 with David Lantin. This decade will mark the host’s membership of the M6 ​​group since she also presented other entertainment such as 100% Mag, The Best Pastry Chef, and the short-lived tele-hook Rising Star.

On the heart side, Faustine Bollaert has been swimming in happiness since her marriage to the writer Maxime Chattam in 2012. Before saying yes for life, the host and the novelist met in the premises of Europe 1, while she received it on her show What if it was happiness?

After their first date, they ended the day in an unusual place: a psychiatric hospital! “We spent our afternoon looking at old radios lying around, trying to get through little secret passages in this disused hospital that was very, very scary. And suddenly I had to snuggle up in his arms, that must have started like that,” recalls the 40-year-old at the C à vous table.

After ten years of marriage, Faustine Bollaert and her husband are the happy parents of two children: a girl, Abbie (born July 18, 2013) and a boy, Peter (born July 24, 2015).

At the start of the 2017 school year, Faustine Bollaert left the M6 ​​group to return to France Télévisions. She was given the task of revitalizing the audiences at half mast in the afternoon, after the 13 Hours newscast on France 2. Thus, she hosts the program It starts today, the testimonial and societal meeting which seduces in means the hearts of a million housewives. In 2019, she presented It starts today, news from our guests every morning on France 2.

A safe bet in public service entertainment, the Parisian host (attached to her Brittany) also orchestrates La Boîte à secrets on France 3 and participates in various annual programs such as the Telethon, La Chanson française celebrates the 31st and recently Les Victoires de la musique in February 2020.