Pentecost weekend: 14 plane tickets for less than 150 euros round trip


The Pentecost weekend is the perfect time to enjoy a break in another country. If it takes time and money to travel, why not travel during these three days of break? If you don’t want to spend all your savings on a plane ticket, don’t worry, there is a very simple way to get plane tickets at the best price.

To do this, all you have to do is book your flight on the right day! According to a study by the flight comparator Algofly, it is better to buy your ticket on Tuesday morning or Wednesday. “It can be up to 10 euros cheaper compared to the average”. On the other hand, there are several days to avoid:

When you buy a flight on the weekend, the price is “generally higher and without evolution”, reports the site

If you want to enjoy your Pentecost weekend abroad, find in the slideshow below 14 destinations accessible for less than 150 euros round trip.*

The Pentecost weekend is only a few days away. If you decide to leave at the last minute, make sure you can travel safely. Check if your passport is still valid. If this is not the case, you will not have time to renew it. Do not panic, many countries accept you with a valid national identity card.

Pay attention to the epidemic. Even if the health situation is improving in France, many countries still require a health or vaccination pass to welcome you to their territory. Before booking your trip, be aware of the rules in force at the place of your vacation on the public service website.

*All flights depart from Paris and prices estimated using the Google Flights service.