Russia has tested a new missile with hypersonic speed. President Vladimir Putin spoke on Wednesday of a successful test and a “major success” for the military, which is not only of national importance. The rocket “avant-garde” should be made in the next year in service, announced Putin in Moscow.

“Russia has a new type of strategic weapon.” Thus, the safety of his country shall be ensured in the coming decades, said the Kremlin chief.

According to the Kremlin, the missile was fired on Wednesday from a base in the South of the Urals. There is a target on a test site had been taken in Kamchatka. The distance is about 6000 km. Putin had followed the Test. He said the Intercontinental missile could fly 20 times the speed of sound in the atmosphere.

According to Putin, can not be intercepted this missile defense systems. The Kremlin chief had already presented in the spring, two weeks before the presidential election, a series of new nuclear weapons and allow international concerns triggered.