Many French people have to deal with the pension reform this year, which upsets their plan and the end of their professional career. Indeed, some of them will have to work longer than expected, especially from different generations. For those who can retire this year, it is better, in this case, not to postpone the deadline and leave as soon as possible. The government has, for the others, chosen to introduce a “safeguard clause”. Explanations.

Thanks to the pension reform, people with five quarters of contributions in the year of 16, 18, 20 and 21 can leave at 58, 60, 62 and 63 respectively. The 1963 generation is thus the most exposed to changes, if we are to believe the new measures which must be put in place on September 1st. A decree establishing a safeguard clause was therefore created to protect the legal retirement age of French people born in 1963 and able to opt for retirement from 2023.

By means of this safeguard clause, the government wishes, therefore, to make a gesture so that employees who meet all the conditions for long careers on the date of September 1 can avoid any loss of eligibility if they leave a little later. Without this clause, people who satisfy the current insurance period (i.e. 168 quarters for the 1963 generation) would no longer be in this situation after the pension reform. Through this implementation, approximately 8000 people would have been harmed by this problem.