April 6, 2023 marks the eleventh day of mobilization against the pension reform. After the meeting of the inter-union with Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne, all sectors of the public service remain determined. Indeed, for the inter-union, it is a “failure”, according to the retransmission of their speech on the steps of Matignon by France24. Thus, all the unions recalled the need to demonstrate this Thursday, April 6.

This new day of national strike takes place one week before the final decision taken by the Constitutional Council. Indeed, the latter must examine the entire reform. If validated, this reform could be in force from the end of 2023. The government had previously mentioned the start of the 2023 school year as an application of this new system. In addition, during his interview with the television news of TF1 and France 2, President Emmanuel Macron spoke of a transition to this new system from the year 2023.

This new diet will surely involve changes for you. If you were born before September 1961, you are not affected by this reform. Conversely, from September 1961, you will depend on the new regime. An evolving calendar is proposed by the government. This means that a certain number of quarters will be added for each year of birth in order to reach the starting age of 64 for people born after a certain date. Discover in our slideshow below to which date of birth this departure corresponds.

This is not the only thing that changes with this new system. For long careers and early departures, it will be necessary to contribute 43 years. But, in reality, some of us will have to contribute more than the minimum. For the senior index, BFMTV recalls that this measure will be applied from 2024 for companies with 300 employees. As a reminder, this index would make it possible to better know the number of positions occupied by employees at the end of their career. These two measures complete the list of the main novelties of this reform.

To find out when you can now retire, see our slideshow below.