An inequality according to the territories. The fuel shortage continues in France, but not all French people are served in the same way. Indeed, while the inhabitants of Hauts-de-France and Ile-de-France are the most affected – according to government figures – others are rather spared by the lack of petrol in the resorts. This is the case for example of the Corsicans or the Bretons, even if certain fuels have been out of stock there for several weeks.

Present at the National Assembly on Tuesday, October 18, Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne said that the situation was beginning to improve in the territory, with “less than 25% of service stations [which] were out of stock at noon against 30 % last weekend”. Requisitions of personnel, increase in imports, lifting of the strike at Esso… This improvement can be explained, but the situation remains untenable in places. If the Matignon tenant welcomed these advances, she also castigated the behavior of some, saying that “it is not acceptable that a minority continues to block the country and it is time for work to resume” . “I fully measure the difficulties of millions of French people who, even today, are penalized by the strikes in oil depots and refineries”, concluded Elisabeth Borne at the National Assembly.

Difficulties that spoil the holidays. As Le Parisien explains, some establishments are recording a drop in reservations for the autumn holidays, because some French people are afraid of not being able to travel in the coming days, due to a lack of fuel. Some professionals are still hoping for a last-minute jump as the situation improves. Despite the difficulties in obtaining fuel, holidaymakers will still be numerous on the roads this weekend, but especially at the end of next week: Bison Futé is planning an orange Saturday, October 29 in the direction of departures over the entire quarter. northwest of the country.

With the arrival of tourists, some departments could experience additional difficulties at the service station. It must be said that a dozen areas of mainland France are particularly popular for the next vacation. Here are which ones, according to a study* unveiled by Abritel.

* Online survey conducted by One Poll with 2,000 respondents in France. The field took place from September 13 to 14, 2022.