The league is working so well Sjotcast’t figure it out. In this Podcast from The local Newspaper to take chef George Gysen, voetbalredacteur, Guillaume Maebe and the editor-in-chief Lars-Godeau you through the wonderful world of football on, but also off the field. In episode 12, saw A Better Lamkel Zé, and live to his bag of tricks out, tell Madame about it, lost front teeth in the Premier league and the likes to a guest, Mats Rits, an argument against the use of the swimming pools at the wedding.

Sjotcast: every Monday at 16h).

In the Sjotcast stories, Guillaume Maebe, George Gysen, and A Godeau, about the life of a young journalist in the wide world of football. From time to time with a guest, and their needs. In the second season, will there be each and every Monday a new episode is online, a time to be 16.

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