The validation of the pension reform by the Constitutional Council and, at the same time, the rejection of the referendum of shared initiative, showered the hopes of the French last Friday. However, despite a violent decision, which leaves little room for a possible withdrawal from the reform, the unions, the opposition and the French continue to block in order to demand the abolition of the pension reform. To what recourse can they turn today in order to speak out against this law?

As soon as the pension reform carried out by the Constitutional Council was validated, Emmanuel Macron immediately promulgated the pension reform with a publication in the Official Journal. While the French were already deeply angry at this decision, the speed of the President of the Republic revived the difficulties of a more than tense situation. If the head of state must now address the French on Monday and hopes to move forward on other issues, the opposition does not want to leave aside the pension reform and intends to continue the fight.

Invited on the airwaves of France Inter this Sunday, Clémentine Autain, deputy of Nupes, thus evoked the intention of the party to table a new motion of censure. Discussions therefore seem to have started with the LIOT group, which had seen its motion of censure fail by only nine votes on March 20. With incisive words with regard to a Fifth Republic which she considers “dead”, as reported by our colleagues from TF1, Clémentine Autain judged “irresponsible” the decision of the Constitutional Council, by “validating a text rejected by the ‘overwhelming majority of the French, by the unions, which was not voted by the Assembly”. Different remedies appear to be about to open in the coming weeks, discover them in our slideshow.