With 5 public holidays: the 1st (Labor Day), the 8th (Victory of 1945), the 18th (Ascension), and the 28th and 29th (Pentecost), the month of May will be rich in bridges. Several people have already planned to escape during these days, but what is the weather forecast? We tell you everything.

With the sun hidden by a few clouds and a southerly wind of up to 25 km/h, temperatures this Labor Day will range from a minimum of 7°C to a maximum of 17°C.

As for May 8, temperatures will reach 19°C in the afternoon, for 9°C in the early morning and late evening. Still with the same wind, but with a slightly clearer sky, this holiday will be rather pleasant according to the Weather Channel.

Still according to the Weather Channel, Ascension week promises to be sunny. Indeed, despite some clouds and a wind coming from the south-east, May 18 will see a nice clearing and a temperature that can reach 20°C in some French departments.

As for Pentecost Sunday and Monday, the heat remains in the game with an afternoon below 20°C, but intermittent showers and rain could cool this long weekend and gray the sky.

Overall, the month of May 2023 promises to be pleasant, but will experience some showers as usual. Indeed, no major changes this year with 18 sunny days and temperatures reaching 20°C in some regions and dropping to 9°C.