The war in Ukraine continues to impact the daily lives of the French. As the country is one of the main producers of sunflower, products made from it such as oil are starting to run out on the shelves of French supermarkets. Some brands have even set a maximum number of bottles per checkout.

Consumers are not the only ones affected by this crisis. Restaurant owners and manufacturers must also deal with the lack of sunflower oil supply.

While many have chosen to change their recipes, others have decided to increase their prices.

This is particularly the case of the aperitif cake company, Intersnack. “We are going to have price increases in the coming weeks of 20% on crisps. The impact on the selling price of the packet of crisps will be around 20 cents”, explains the general manager, Geneviève Louis Hooper, as reports Capital.

In the slideshow below, discover the 11 brands affected by this price increase, starting July 1, 2022.

During your next shopping, you will therefore have to pay close attention to the price and composition of products that are originally based on sunflower oil, such as:

Do you usually cook with sunflower oil? No worries ! There are many alternatives to this product. For frying, for example, you can opt for olive oil or butter.

If you need to fry your food, it is better to choose coconut oil, peanut oil or animal fat.

Finally, if you want to season a dish, use walnut or hazelnut oil instead.