A well-known cruise company has unveiled that it is making a Change that will also be available for passengers in the future are of importance.

The cruise line “Viking Cruises” announced that, starting in 2022 in the Expeditions-cruises-business. In the future, there will be two new expedition ships of the shipping company – the “Viking Octantis”, and the “Viking Polaris”. What passengers need to know to the new the cruise company, you can find here.

“Viking Cruises” with new expedition cruises

Viking founder Torstein Hagen announced on 15. January 2020, during a speech in Los Angeles, the cruise company’s trips now, also to the boom at the end of Expeditions-cross-store will get in . The decision had been taken, as it says on the Website of Viking Cruises, because the company will focus still on already existing destinations and offers, in addition, but also new destinations is intended to offer.

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give To this purpose, it is a new brand by the name of ” the Viking expedition “. Under this brand will be available in January 2022, the first expedition ship named “ Viking Octantis ” on-the-go. A second expedition ship, the “ Viking Polaris ” will be in August 2022 its debut in the Antarctic and the Arctic. The company also expect the delivery of a minimum of twelve ocean – going and river ships in the coming years.

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The new ships will accommodate 378 guests in 189 cabins . Both vessels are currently under construction and will be delivered in Norway. The ships were designed by the same engineers have also designed the rest of the Viking ships.

include Highlights of the ships, according to the company :

Hangar, laboratory, expedition equipment, auditorium and Finse-terrace Nordic balcony expedition ship suites Aquavit terrace and swimming pools, expedition Lounge, etc.

In contrast to the “Viking” would have changed to the other cruise company names and Logos, to basic Changes in the product offering to reflect. Hagen explained, however, that the decision has been taken to ensure that the business goals still on the journey, and the offerings , the the company of other cruise brands in the vagina it can focus.

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