The Biggest Cabaret in the World, Le Grand Bluff, Les Années Bonheur… These are the programs that have made Patrick Sébastien one of the cult hosts of French television. Known to be without language of wood, the animator does not hesitate to confide publicly on his intimate life, his journey sometimes strewn with pitfalls. In the book Without Chains, written by journalists Marc Dolisi and François Darmigny, he revealed his injuries as well as “his gray areas”.

We learn in particular that, unlike some show business celebrities, he has never touched “cam”. However, for several years, he has been addicted to cigarettes. “The cigarette, a drug? Of course it is! I am addicted to cigarettes because it’s a real addiction. And it really pisses me off. I do everything to be a free man, and I confess to you that this dependence is the only concession to this freedom, alas!”, he explained to the authors of the book.

Lucid about the harm caused by tobacco addiction, Patrick Sébastien explains later that it is an assumed choice. “I know that each puff burns me a few moments of life. Too bad, it’s my choice. And if it stops because of that, at least, for once, there will be no injustice” .

In his latest book, Live and be reborn every day, Patrick Sébastien revealed that he had been diagnosed with kidney cancer. “What happened to me is what I call a ‘lucky one’. It’s happened to me twice. They were cancers discovered by chance. It happened last January. I had did a check-up ultrasound to see if everything was fine. My doctor Georges saw a small white spot so he had me do an MRI, and a biopsy. He finally discovered the cancer, “he told our colleagues from TV Mag and to add: “So I underwent an operation with eight hours of anesthesia. Rehabilitation and convalescence were complicated. But two months later, I was on stage. of life. The word cancer doesn’t scare me. I just didn’t want to publicize it”.

For several years, many have revealed their disease. This was particularly the case of Jean-Pierre Pernaut or even more recently Florent Pagny. For Patrick Sébastien, it is above all a question of not feeling sorry for himself as he explained in the rest of his interview. “It’s interesting to publicize when he’s cured. Self-pity is the worst thing to achieve rebirth (…) And if it can help some people to hold on a little better… I think lots of people who live better thanks to my books. It’s a real satisfaction”. After his revelations, how is his health today?

On April 21, Patrick Sébastien made new secrets about his fight against cancer for Télépro. “I had a tumor on my kidney, which they removed from me. They did not remove my kidney. They gave me a beautiful scar of 30 centimeters”, according to comments quoted by Télé-Loisirs .

Since then, the famous artist has been watching over his state of health. “I redid exams, I have nothing left. It was a difficult time to go through. But I’m doing very well, I’m doing analyzes, everything is fine. Which is a miracle” reassures the sixty-year-old, who still suffers from “some sequelae”. However, he is not about to be unemployed: he publishes a new album which he will present alongside Cyril Hanouna, on Tuesday April 25, in It’s great, it’s only love on C8.

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