In May, do what you please… Unless the storm comes to spoil the party! For the last week of the month, La Chaîne Météo announces a “localized risk of heavy thunderstorms” in the south of France. “These storms will occur in an air mass made unstable by the advection of increasingly mild air in the surface lowlands and the presence of cold air at altitude”, specifies the site specializing in meteorology.

The stormy deterioration, accompanied by hailstorms and strong electrical activity, began on Sunday May 21, 2023… And could continue until the following Thursday in several departments. In our slideshow below, discover the list of territories where thunderstorms are announced between Tuesday May 23 and Thursday May 25, 2023.

Did you know ? During a thunderstorm, it is recommended to postpone certain tasks, especially household tasks. Indeed, metal parts, such as valves or pipes, can be conductive. It is therefore not advisable to do the dishes or take a shower while thunder is rumbling.

As far as possible, it is preferable to unplug electronic devices: we do not vacuum, we do not watch television… And we prefer to make calls via a mobile phone rather than via the landline. When the storm arrives, it is better to close the doors and windows to avoid drafts.

Finally, outdoors, it is better to sit rather than stand. Authorities also advise not to park your car under a tree or overhang during a thunderstorm.