In the case of the after almost three months of re-emerged 13-year-old girl in the United States, the police has announced more Details about their kidnapping and the murder of their parents. The 21-year-old suspects had planned the kidnapping of Jayme Closs of long Hand and it was originally aimed at the girls apart, said the chief of police of the County of Barron, Chris Fitzgerald, on Friday (local time). The background of the fact, however, remains unclear.

The parents of Jayme Closs had been found in October, shot to death in the house of the family, around 120 kilometers North-East of Minneapolis. The girl has been missing since. On Thursday, the 13 language-Year old in the village of Gordon, close to the Lake Superior (Upper lake) a resident. She was to escape from a hut in a forest area, the 21-year-old Jake Thomas Patterson held captive.

Patterson, who had been arrested on Friday, had planned the deed carefully, said Fitzgerald. Accordingly, the 21-Year-old, the hair is shaved off, in order not to be detected. During the search of the apartment of the 21-Year-olds were found according to the figures, several weapons. Including was also the alleged murder weapon, with the help of Patterson are the parents of Jayme Closs shot.

The 13-Year-old is well off, “as far as circumstances allow,” said Fitzgerald. You could leave the hospital and have already spoken with the investigators. Whether the offender Jayme Closs had during the kidnapping done something, remained open. The girl is now with Relatives.