Michael Amoia has 864 ink tattoos and says he is ‘afraid’ of bugs.

A man who claims he hates bugs just broke the world record for having the most insects tattoos on him.

According to Guinness World Records, Michael Amoia is a music producer hailing from New York. He has 864 tattoos depicting insects.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean he loves bugs.
Guinness told Amoia that many people believe she likes bugs. “I hate bugs and I’m afraid of them. It has many meanings. That’s why I have them all over me.
He added, “It’s some darker meaning, but it’s more of a positive signal.”

Amoia has 89 ants tattooed on his left forearm, 36 ants running from his forearm up to his bicep and 23 red ants on the right calf.

Guinness also says that Amoia has a 13-inch moth on his throat and chest, and a 2.5 inch beetle above his right eye. He also has a 2.5 inch earwig behind his right-ear.
Amoia has 864 tattoos of insects. He also has many tattoos of other creatures, including spiders and two large millipedes. Amoia has a 50-inch long millipede tattooed on his back, and a 17-inch by-19-inch millipede tattooed on his chest.

Guinness told him that Amoia’s first tattoo was a red queen ant on his right arm. He got it when he turned 21.

His tattoo collection has increased significantly since then. When he is out in public, the tattoos draw a lot attention.

Guinness told him that people always approach me to talk about my work. “I suppose I should expect it. But when they learn more about me, they form a completely new opinion.”

He said, “I hope I can open some people’s eyes so they can see, you know?, there are a few different ways to look at things. Don’t judge books by their covers, I guess.”

Amoia plans to set up an NFT with his record-breaking tattoos in order to raise funds for For a Bright Future. This organization helps “underprivileged and underrepresented children,” Guinness reports.

Guinness told Amoia that she can make a NFT from these tattoos and have it validated by Guinness World Records so we can donate some proceeds to these children. “My tattoos hold a special meaning for me because it brings me back to my childhood. It’s a lovely full circle story.”

According to the Guinness announcement, Tuesday, Amoia’s record for insect tattoos was confirmed in October.

He defeated the U.K.-based Baxter Milsom who holds the previous record, which has 402 ink tattoos. Milsom was honored for his record in August 2021.