formula 1 bully Max Verstappen has to watch as punishment for his recent outburst to the traffic education in the formula E. The Dutch Red Bull driver in the race in the electric series in Marrakech on Saturday, the work of the stewards of the vicinity, in order to learn lessons for the future, as the world governing body FIA announced. This is part of the against Verstappen sanctions imposed after the 21-Year-old abused in the past November at the Grand Prix of Brazil of its rivals Esteban Ocon and pushed.

Force India driver Ocon was previously collided on the track with the leading Verstappen, world champion Lewis Hamilton was able to pull over and win. Verstappen went to the races in his anger in front of the cameras on the Frenchman Ocon. The race stewards have condemned him to hours of Motorsport on two days. The trip to the formula E in Marrakech, is now the first part of repentance.

Verstappen had previously said he wanted nothing to do, let him “look like a Fool”. The FIA provides for the internship in Marrakech as “educational and enlightening” measure for the already several times by undisciplined units behaved racers.

Verstappen had also taken care of at the end of the season caused a stir. He admitted,with his aggressive Overtaking manoeuvres against Ocon at the Finale in Abu Dhabi with a revenge foul against the French sought. “I’ve seen it buckle and bend. I thought to myself: If he closes the door, I push him on the track. Maybe that was the revenge for Brazil,“ admitted the Dutchman at ServusTV. In Abu Dhabi, the verse had to fall into a hair pin curve with the crowbar to Ocon over squashed, and the carriages of the pilots of the Racing Point Force India, light touches. The he liked, “feel good,” said Verstappen.