Paula eight years old I Only pray to the politicians who let my dad to fight it and give you what is yours
Paula eight years old I Only pray to the politicians who let my dad to fight it and give you what is yours

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“The only thing I ask of the politicians is to let my dad to fight”. Do and give what belongs to him? “Of course, that will give you what is yours. It’s only fair”. It is the sweet voice but firm of Paula , the eight-year-old with more wisdom than any adult and that question to his father, the banderillero Ramon Moya , if “you are going to fight with your friends bullfighters”. The Covid-19 has given a death-blow to the entire world, also to bullfighting, so battered from so many areas. And Paula, pure sensitivity, and with The Cast of the godfather, I am surprised to see that, for the first time, the artist of your home does not travel as in other seasons. “Today, nor toreas?”

Ramon Moya, along with their daughters, Paula and Anna

Paula, along with his sister, Ana , was planted yesterday in front of the Ministry of Labour and toreó of living, as so many children that were cited. Almost as many as the professionals of the bull. You missed her too… Where to go the sector?

“it Was important to get out to the street and be all one. I’m sorry that we have not been more. It had to have been a mass demonstration of all, but for something to begin,” he said on ABC Javier Cortes, on the threshold of his reappearance after the mishap in the eye. Your message to Yolanda Diaz : “Equality and listen to the sector, are not less than anyone else and did not understand so much discrimination. We ask for respect”.

family Photo: the family of the bull

it Was the third day of the concentrations of biting and banderilleros to claim the aid’s denied SEPE -“some have told us that they have received orders for you not to us the den”, denounces the sector-, but the door of the Ministry of Yolanda Diaz not be opened. What were were tops and crutches in the first paseíllo, and perhaps the last, of this season in Madrid. Not be missed, nor the generous band of music. The notes of the paso doble could be heard from the Castellana and some other curious came and looked at the art of bullfighting. An art is culture, a culture that according to the minister of idem has the right to the aid of the SEPE. But the same Government that says yes in the Ministry of Plaza del Rey says not to in the close to the Nuevos Ministerios. “Oops disunity in the Government!”, was heard. “As in bullfighting,” replied another. And not quite right. Bullfighting is not inside better than outside. And that is the reality: a disconnect that is union is momentary, so fleeting, and not by all.

Rafael Gonzalez and his small Inés and Clara

After the premiere with the figures clothing to their crews and a second day of “war”, played the closing. And the clasp had to be toreando. Before, one night “from storm and roaches -with fine appearance of Madrid – between the cards”, sleeping in the open air to the side of the Ministry of Labour that does not give them “shelter”. “We want to listen to us and we attend”, said Moya under the gaze of his girls: “My dad is the best bullfighter”. And what about after? “Naide”, missed him by say Ana, a fan number one of this bullfighter of silver. At his side, Juan José Gimeno Mora , “proud of his teammates”, I valued the experience and moved the cart for the kids. The always remove, Javier Gómez Pascual , one of the promoters of this movement and for reading the manifesto of the inauguration.

More bullfighters like Rafael de Julia, Esau Fernandez, Alberto Aguilar, Gómez Escorial, Damian Castaño, Francisco José Espada, Alberto Lamelas, Sergio Serrano, Sebastian Ritter and Javier Cortes, who made the bull to Alejandro Manuel , the five year-old child with self-confidence in spades. “My father is a novillero and my uncles are the Children of Santa Rita”. The bullfighting in the veins. And what poise! Do you know that toreas very well? “Well, of course I know that, I am very good at. I’m subscribed to the School of El Juli”. What is your favorite bullfigther? “I like it. Well, I also like Talavante. Talavante I like it a lot”. Veronicas they stopped the time, natural, idling, passes, chest gustándose… A phenomenon of five springs that imantaba the pupils tended to be formed under the trees. “Is art the boy,” said Curro Javier . There were oles and applause. And admiring glances from the younger teachers, such as sainted , fans of his father, the subaltern, Rafael Gonzalez . “I want you to let my father fight and that everyone can enjoy the bulls”, says Inés, lover of horses and proud of “having made a return to the ring in a festival”.

“it Is a very difficult situation, a very heavy blow. We want to support the banderilleros, as there are many families that are going through very bad and we have got to go,” said Sword . “There are also murderers that are going through really bad time -he added-; to make matters worse, this Government is putting very difficult.”

With the clock moving toward the two in the noon, was his turn to pick up the deals. Was burning hot in the sun in the capital city. He didn’t look at the brave people who gathered. “I want politicians to be fair to my dad.” The children always have a reason. is “I Want to be a bullfighter, and you have to let me be!” adults Who yesterday were children with dreams do not cut the wings of those who today are.