Heist-op-den-Berg / Booischot –

in Flanders in the last days, the action was shot at the little girl, Pia, who has a genetic muscular disorder, suffers from, along with a drug of almost 2 million euro to help. But it’s not the only one in our country is in urgent need of expensive medical treatment is needed. The family of a seventeen-month-old Cars from Booischot is in the same boat. The guy has a very expensive immunotherapy is needed, and the family has started a geldinzamelactie for the medical bills to be paid.

The story of the Cars last week, all of the attention. The seventeen-month-old boy with a tumor on the adrenal gland and is to be finally to be able to be cured of a rare cancer, he has a very expensive treatment. The price tag amounted to 182.000 euro, an amount that was for the daddy In Need of mama Annick Williams is very high. That is why a crowd-funding been put in place. “My mom has started”, says Annick Williams.

a Few thousands of dollars.

“We hope that the full amount is collected, even if it is very, very high. We have several thousands of dollars were collected in just a few days, and without which, the action is really in the spotlight and has been”, sounds like it is. “We are hoping that there will still be some to come. If anyone has a few dollars down, we came to the end though.” In the immunotherapy, it was already started, but the parents are required to provide guarantees in case the insurance wouldn’t be involved.

It’s up in the air, because it’s going to be a new drug for which the refund is still due a commission, to be examined. “When we eventually did get a refund, then it is certainly the intention is that the proceeds go to other people in a similar situation, or to the charity of our help,” says Annick.

Waffles and legal advice.

in Addition to the collection, there are a number of people in the back for the Cars. “A lot of bodies in to help us on our way, like vzw, Tuki that made us legal to be of help. The Belgian children’s Cancer support fund is a lot of money to raise, and there are a lot of other people on the cart, jump in, and the small-scale initiatives to organise it. Also, the schools in which we teach in the nursery and the staff of the Front, which is a wafelverkoop has been started. We are all very thankful,” says Annick.

The action could be supported through the Facebook page, ‘Gathering Immunotherapy for the Cars to be from Man’).