NASA, after reporting the largest asteroid sample in history, is preparing for a new exploration, this time to the asteroid Psyche.

Located between Mars and Jupiter, this metal giant, approximately 200 km in diameter, has captivated the attention of scientists for many years.

NASA plans to launch a probe named after the asteroid Psyche on Friday, October 13 from Cape Canaveral, Florida. However, the mission was postponed several times due to weather conditions. Scientists believe the exploration of Psyche is well worth these delays.

The main objective of the mission is to collect as much information as possible on Psyche, an asteroid with characteristics comparable to the Earth’s core. Scientists speculate that Psyche was once the core of a forming planet that failed to survive a collision with another asteroid. This mission will make it possible to study the Earth’s core in detail, something impossible to do on Earth due to extreme conditions.

The mission could also provide crucial information about planet formation.

Psyche is also of considerable financial interest. With an estimated value of nearly 10,000 quadrillion euros, this metallic asteroid contains precious metals such as gold and palladium, in addition to its abundance of nickel and iron. However, the exact composition and internal structure of Psyche remains a mystery.

It is important to note that NASA’s mission is not intended to exploit Psyche’s resources, but rather to explore and observe it. The resources of this asteroid could only be exploited if Psyche were brought to Earth, which is currently impossible from a technical and financial point of view.