rumbles in the stock market, When it’s often the cheapest entry-level opportunities. Granted, anyone who buys now, will have to bring some courage. But at least the views of some key figures and analyst ratings can also be some opportunities in the risks. So, for example, the price-to-earnings ratio (p / e) suggests that the first guard of the German share, which is gathered in the benchmark index, the Dax, is currently comparatively cheap. The measure indicates how many years a company to achieve its current gains until it has earned its own market value. The value is high, a company as a tax, it is low, it is cheap in the first place.

Tim Kanning

editor in the economy.

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For the whole of the Dax p / e ratio of 11.5, which is significantly below the values of the past few years, after the strong price losses currently. A year ago it was 15, in the year 2015, the investor paid for the Dax stocks in an average of 22 times their annual earnings.

Also for the dividend yield the lower prices are beneficial. It is located 3.4 percent as high as last 2012. Under the individual values in the Dax there are now a whole range of titles, their p / e ratio is unusually low, investors for shares of Volkswagen and Lufthansa will have to pay only 4.8 times of the net profit, Daimler comes on a p / e ratio of 5.5 and BMW of 6.5.

Volkswagen is 1 year, VOLKSWAGEN VZ — — (–) Xetra tradegate exchange Switzerland OTCStuttgartLang & black London SE Int. Level 1FrankfurtSchweizBrüsselWien 1T 1W 3M 1J 3J 5J For detail view

Unfortunately, the view alone at the p / e ratio is not too crisis, So it not usually has his reasons, if investors are willing to pay higher prices for a stock. On the car about loads values, the uncertainty relating to Donald trump’s customs policy, as well as the economy in the key market of China. Lufthansa have made recently in addition to create the fluctuating crude oil and kerosene prices. Not a few companies were having to adjust their earnings expectations downwards, which makes the p / e ratio also vary.

analysts have expressed recently, for example, to Volkswagen, the majority of positive. Deutsche Bank, for instance, holds for the wolf Burger with a target price of 210 Euro for realistic – which is far above the current price of 136 euros. Analyst Tim Rokossa justified his optimism that the car group raised its profit expectations for 2020 in a time in which almost all the competitors have their profit targets are lowered. The British investment Bank Barclays has downgraded its rating for the whole of the European car industry from “positive” to “neutral” down, but Volkswagen as their “Top Pick” with a price target of 206 Euro.

Lufthansa is 1 year, LUFTHANSA — — (–) London SE Int. Level 1XetraSchweiz otctrade gate exchange lang & Schwarz, Stuttgart, Switzerland OTCSchweizFrankfurtSchweizWien 1T 1W 3M 1J 3J 5J For detail view

Also in the Lufthansa many analysts air see above. Currently the share price is 19,68 EUR. On average, the analysts of the airline to be trusted in the next 12 months, a 17 per cent higher rates. The British investment Bank HSBC and the American analysis previously, the rates for the purchase of the shares, because the Lufthansa after the Air-Berlin-Bust a dominant position in the home market. In addition, the decrease in kerosene played your prices into the hands. Citigroup has raised its price target slightly, but remains because of Overcapacity in the flight market skeptical.

Bayer 1 year, BAYER — — (–) Xetra Switzerland OTCSchweiz otctrade gate exchange lang & Schwarz, Stuttgart, London SE Int. Level 1SchweizFrankfurtWienSchweiz 1T 1W 3M 1J 3J 5J For detail view

the chemical companies Bayer and BASF, have recently both lost more than a third of stock market value, will be recommended by the analysts, the majority of to purchase. Many experts refer to the economic risks for the chemicals business, some have reduced their price targets. The current price levels of the two companies holding most of the analysts, but that is too low. For BASF, the average price target is more than one fifth above the current price. For Bayer, where the Monsanto-risks have deterred many investors, the analysts, on average, even a potential yield of 47 percent.

BASF is 1 year, BASF — — (–) Xetra tradegate exchange Switzerland OTCStuttgartFrankfurtLang & black London, Vienna, Switzerland, 1T 1W 3M 1J 3J 5J For detail view