Flavie Flament: her terribly embarrassing first meeting with Marc Lavoine


Flavie Flament has met many stars during her career. Invited to the show We redid the TV on October 26, 2019 on RTL, the host made a funny secret about her first meeting with Marc Lavoine … who turned into embarrassment.

“It was in the dressing rooms of my variety show when I had just arrived at TF1. I had just eaten sushi, with my fingers because I am not the queen of the baguette”, she confided. “And Marc made his lover and gave me a kiss on the hand. And at that moment, I said to myself, I just licked a salmon sushi, anyway! […] And I saw well at his look that he said to himself, ‘But why did I kiss his hand?'”, she let go. As a perfect gentleman, the singer made no comment.

After a brief return to television with the shows L’Atelier and Stars à domicile: les 20 ans, Flavie Flament continues to make RTL’s heyday with her shows We’re good, every Saturday morning at 9:15 a.m. and D-Day, from Monday to Thursday at 8 p.m. In an interview she gave us in 2019, the host reminds us that she does not particularly miss television. She only wants to do shows that suit her.

At the beginning of November, Flavie Flament had a unique experience. For one night, she joined the crew of Armel Le Cléac’h aboard his maxi-trimaran during his crossing between Lorient and Saint-Malo, starting point of the 11th edition of the Route du Rhum. . An adventure that the host shared in great detail with her listeners on RTL.