Italy’s justice struggles with a criminal set of twins: For the third Time were able to escape the brothers a judge’s decision, because they look to similar and the perpetrators could not be identified. Due to heavy burglary and assault of a 34-Year-old stand in Verona now before the court. As early as 2016, and 2017, the judge had to let him go unpunished, “because it was impossible to identify him with certainty about the DNA,” said his lawyer, Fabio Porta, the news Agency dpa. The brothers are associated with more than 100 home burglaries in the North of Italy.

“How is that possible?!?!?”, the Minister Matteo Salvini wrote Italy’s interior on Sunday on Twitter and commented on a report in the newspaper “La Repubblica”. The brothers, who come from Albania, wear the same hair cuts and Tattoos. Your fingerprints investigators could help to distinguish you. But the twins use gloves in the rule. Their genetic Profiles are so similar that they only differ with expensive Tests. Such Tests exceeds the police.

in Verona, free-spoken twin currently sits in prison for another Offence, said his lawyer. A court in the city of Pordenone, had been sentenced in January to more than five years in prison for burglary and receiving stolen property. His guilt could be proven in this case, no doubt, because his twin brother was sitting at the time of the acts in the prison.