VW has been recorded in the internal controls of the new emission Software for diesel vehicles “abnormalities”. A group spokesman said on Sunday the AFP news Agency. He thus confirmed a report of the “Bild am Sonntag” (Bams). The abnormalities should “be further analyzed,” the spokesman said. Volkswagen have informed the Federal motor transport authority without delay. The Update will not for the time being, to other cars.

The spokesman says it is about Software Updates for cars with 1.2-litre diesel engines of the type EA189. Volkswagen has not programmed the Update accordingly; the lead stood at an external service provider.

“May be illegal”

according to “Bams”, in the case of the abnormality in the Software, it was “a potentially illegal function”. Experts in the force travel Federal office (KBA) assumed that it was an impermissible switch-off device, writes the newspaper.

From the Federal Ministry of transport only, the Problem with the Software Update is known. The process will be examined by the KBA. The Volkswagen speakers that were agreed to at the beginning of January dates with the authority, “the further examination and analysis to advance together with high pressure”. The decision not to use the Update first, had been taken “as a precaution” and, together with the KBA.