Cruises and Corona Only healthy pass Boarding erlaubtVom Boom will act as a full stop: cruises are the Corona-crisis particularly affected. The most important questions and answers about holiday travel on the high seas.Beat Eichenberger18 Kommentare18Einige shipping companies want to include at the end of may back in business – a too optimistic time schedule.Photo: Joe Kafka (Keystone)travel by boat fall into the water – what happens to the Postings?

Due to Corona outbreak on Board, wanderings and harsh quarantines got the cruise industry early on in the headlines. Least one or the other cruise ship, such as the Costa Deliziosa, quickly and without stopping several months of world travel to the end of the led yet. All other sea voyages were cancelled on a provisional basis.

“Paid compensation and now cancelled the cruise of the shipowners either with up to a 25 percent increase in the credit for a next Voyage or a cash refund,” says Cornelia Gemperle, managing Director of Kuoni Cruises. “However, some players have a hard time with the refund.”

The law requires reimbursement, the provider, but rather credits. Reason: Due to a lack of new revenue, the Cash could maneuver to drain the company into an existence-threatening difficulties. Of the two market-leading shipping companies in Switzerland, Costa price confirmed, along with a credit recommendation, the travel reimbursement, the MSC contains, however, an opinion.

Where waiting ships and Crew now?

The global fleet of more than 400 large and smaller cruise ships which is currently somewhere in the world on the roads. Many members of the crew to stay due to the travel restrictions are still remunerated on Board and deal with training, Seewachen, inspections, spring cleaning and revisions. “How to Land the more stringent hygiene rules and regulations to prevent Contact with also apply to the Crew,” said Hansjörg Kunze, head of communications at Aida.

On the Hanseatic Nature of Hapag-Lloyd Cruises, and was transferred from Barbados to Hamburg, jogged the Crew daily for 28 laps on the Deck and put back the 7600 nautical miles of the Crossing to the foot. Also when the cruise ships crew to paint only with a mini in shot for a long time, the in the money: Carnival Corp., with about 100 cruise in the world liners-biggest shipping company, expects per month, and ship with wage and operating costs up to $ 3 million.

What’s the restart?

The question of the conditions under which it could be back ready to go, holding the industry in suspense. “However, the health and safety of passengers enjoy passengers, crew and partners at the destinations of the highest priority”, reports the Costa. However, the restart depends, as in the whole of the travel industry by external factors: by the abolition of global travel restrictions and regulations, the Opening up of ports and resumption of tourist activities.

Important: Even the Airlines must be able to stand out. For the shipping companies, the high-is driving a complex system from the Crew about logistics and supply up to the new routes and marketing to the big challenge. Uncertain demand is also: car people are the same in carefree on huge ships with masses of fellow travelers?

The Queen Mary 2 in front of the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg. After resumption of the operation for the time being, the number of passengers likely to be aboard the cruise ships left from in front of Corona.Photo: Daniel Reinhardt (Keystone)when and where does it go again?

Many shipping companies want to stop the operation of the pause at the end of may, some have postponed the restart now at the end of June. But even this schedule is probably too optimistic. The FDA has recently extended a de facto Cruise-prohibition on mid-July, and beyond. And in the Mediterranean sea popular destinations such as Italy, France and Spain in particular are suffering severely under the Corona. Also: the First countries to ban large gatherings until the end of August, which could also apply to ship tours.

Individual shipping companies, therefore that is to be expected only towards the end of the summer or in the autumn with a soft recovery of the ship’s operation. Whether all of this long forced break will survive, remains open. Conceivable: for the time being, only a few rides in regional shared grounds with smaller vessels, such as in Northern Europe or Asia, and only for guests from certain countries of origin. Or a short trial trips without destination visits.

a tightening of the rules on Board?

The Corona-the shock is, as long as no vaccine is available, also for the shipping industry have significant consequences. Although the Hygiene standards on cruise liners, thanks to the Norovirus experience is already high, but there will be tightening. As the Asian Genting group shows, is on Board to massively more frequent Cleaning and Disinfection, testing, and mask compulsory for parts of the Crew or the away from Buffets in the Restaurants.

The guests, in turn, Covid-19 see in the future, probably with more stringent regulations, such as health self-Declaration, fever Screening during the Boarding process, may of rapid tests and medical clearance for about 70-faced-Year-old. It is assumed that the ships are not for the time being assigned to the last bed. This could increase trips in a reversal of the attractiveness of the cross.

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