The radio stations of the VRT) to have a taste for it. In Flowjob of a radio station Studio Brussel has deepened now CHARITY is having sex, and form relationships with the new program, Hot n cold . Therein, to assist the dj Dorianne Aussems (26), and seksuologe She Vanwezemael (27) of the listeners by taking all the possible bedvragen.

Not a lack of sex education at the VRT. Studio Brussel had influencer the City of Windey, and Flowjob has been a five-part YouTube series on here, and on the result run a new episode of The doctor’s, Bea’s show . Now it is also radio station, OBSERVERS on the bandwagon with the huisseksuologe She Vanwezemael is Dorianne Aussems Hot n cold is present. This is a talk show about love, sex, relationships, and friendships. Aussems, it is also one of the regular OBSERVERS of voices, and while Vanwezemael, which was introduced last year and is a solid face to a Generation of M., There to answer to the seksuologe burning questions from the listeners.

The duo, serving up until the end of november, every Sunday evening between 20 and 22 hours, the most different themes. What do you do if you all of a sudden no longer fantasize about love, for instance? Or, as one friend to drop because of a new love? This week-end, ask for Aussems and Vanwezemael among other things, whether their listeners would prefer to never have oral sex, would that never more would be. Also, launching it formats to around currency, opening sentences, and a true sexamen’.

Hot-N-Cold-in October and november, every Sunday evening from 20 to 22 o’clock on the CHARITY.

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