the Federal Finance Minister, Olaf Scholz (SPD) on the end of a year-long economic recovery. “The beautiful time, in which the state assumes more and more control, as expected, comes to an end,” said the SPD politician of the “Bild am Sonntag”. “For 2018, we can still identify a tax surplus.” The fat years are over. “From now on, I don’t expect any unforeseen additional revenue.”

Scholz rejected in the Interview, the Union demanded the complete abolition of the solidarity surcharge. “In the coalition negotiations, we have agreed to, for good reasons, that citizens should have to pay a very high income, more solos. Who earns a Million euros a year, would pay through the abolition of Soli € 24,000 less in taxes. Even I, as a Federal Minister with 180,000 euros-a-year income would save by the complete abolition of about 3600 euros in taxes per year. This is not the right way.“

Instead, it would have to be relieved by low and middle income. Scholz added that he expected that the Union will keep to the agreement. “The necessary law to Soli-abolition I want to submit this year to the Cabinet.” According to the coalition agreement is to be eliminated for 90 percent of the taxpayers of the solos from 2021. For the Federal budget, according to Scholz, the ten billion Euro less each year.